About Lies

I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, specialized in adults. After this, I also graduated as a system therapist.

Interest in neuropsychology:
When I chose to study psychology, I always hoped to work in a general hospital. It seemed fascinating and useful to support people who are confronted with a physical disease. The neuropsychological courses immediately appealed to me. I was very interested in the relationship between the functioning of the brain and human behavior/ human emotions. In my fifth year I got the opportunity to do an internship at the rehabilitation center in UZ Pellenberg (ABI patients), where my interest only grew further. Not much later, I got the opportunity to expand the neuropsychology range in the rehabilitation department of the Limburg Hospital. Here, I still find great satisfaction in the diagnosis and guidance of ABI patients and their families. In addition to my mainly clinical task content, I have always maintained a strong affinity with scientific research and evidence-based care provision.

My job now:
I work in the Oost-Limburg Hospital (ZOL), where I am responsible for the diagnosis and guidance of ABI patients and their families. In the past, I also contributed to various studies in collaboration with Prof. Lafosse and Prof. Gillebert. I am currently working as a local researcher on Hella Thielen’s doctoral project. The collaboration is coordinated by Trace, a joint venture between ZOL and the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of KU Leuven.