• New diagnostic and rehabilitation tools for unilateral spatial neglect (PhD project Hanne Huygelier)
  • Assessment and modulation of visuospatial attention using the theory of visual attention and real-time fMRI neurofeedback (PhD project Lulu Wang)
  • Feature-based attention in a dynamically changing and ageing world (PhD project Armien Lanssens)
  • Distractibility after acquired brain injury: advancing diagnosis and identifying biomarkers (PhD project Hella Thielen)
  • Validation of the Dutch translation of the Oxford Cognitive Screen (OCS-NL)
  • Unraveling stroke-induced attention deficits by combining computational modeling and brain imaging (FWO project)
  • Distractibility after stroke: from bench to bedside and back (FWO Odysseus Type 2 project)
  • Acceptance and usability of head-mounted virtual reality (VR) in older adults (in collaboration with Raymond van Ee and Vero Vanden Abeele)