Nora Tuts

Nora Tuts

  • On 25/10/2023


I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Ghent University.

Interest in Neuropsychology:

I realized early on that the functioning of the brain and its relationship with behaviour intrigued me. For this reason, I chose to study psychology and tailored my course packet to meet my growing interest in neuropsychology. I was able to complete an internship in the Memory Clinic at the AZ Groeninge hospital in Kortrijk, Belgium, where my affinity for (clinical) neuropsychology was solidified. I have always had an interest in both clinical and experimental approaches, and hope to maintain a combination of the two in my career.

My job now:

I am currently working as a research assistant for various (mostly clinical) projects at the Neuropsychologylab of KU Leuven.