Jirka Liessens

Jirka Liessens

  • On 25/10/2023

I am currently a student of the Master of Psychology: Theory and Research, for which I am doing my internship at the neuropsychology lab. In addition, I am a student of the Master of Statistics and Data Science – option Biometrics at the faculty of science.

My interest in neuropsychology dates back to my childhood. I distinctly remember the moment I first laid eyes on an anatomical MRI image and somehow I just knew I wanted to become a neuroscientist. I have an endless fascination with the human brain and I often feel like a child looking at candy  while doing research. Our brain is just such a wonderous place to explore.

During my internship I will focus on cognitive control in stroke patients. I will assist in validating new measurement techniques for cognitive control in stroke survivors. These measurements could potentially make it easier to screen patients more quickly and accurately. It is very motivating to aid in developing something with an actual impact on patients’ lives and to finally be involved in neuroscience.

I hope to learn more about statistical analyses of brain data as well, so I can combine my love for psychology, biology and statistics to make a difference for patients.