About Armien

I have a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. Now, I am a PhD student here at the Neuropsychologylab of KU Leuven.

Interest in neuropsychology:
I always had a fascination with how the brain manages to drive our daily actions and decisions. During my Master’s thesis, I developed a specific interest in the domain of neuropsychology and respective applications of neuroscientific methods. I also enjoyed being part of a young and dedicated research group. My main research interests center around attention and fMRI.

PhD project:
Feature-based attention in a dynamically changing and ageing world

Selective attention allows us to prioritize the processing of relevant information and filter out irrelevant information. Functional neuroimaging and lesion-based studies attribute an important role to the fronto-parietal dorsal attention network (DAN) in filtering out distracters. However, the involvement of the DAN in the feature-based suppression of distracters and changes therein with increasing age are still under debate. The central aim of this project is to investigate the neural basis of feature-based attention in the healthy ageing brain. To this end, novel feature-based paradigms are combined with fMRI and cutting-edge neuroscientific analytical methods (e.g., multivariate pattern analysis) in different age groups of neurologically healthy volunteers.

Publication list:
Lanssens, A., Pizzamiglio, G., Mantini, D., & Gillebert, C. R. (2020). Role of the dorsal attention network in distracter suppression based on features. Cognitive neuroscience, 11(1-2), 37-46.

Lanssens, A., Peeters, R., Op de Beeck, H., & Gillebert, C.R. (2019, August). Posterior parietal cortex involvement in the prioritization of objects based on features. Poster presentation at the 42nd European Conference of Visual Perception (ECVP), Leuven, Belgium.

Lanssens, A., Peeters, R., Op de Beeck, H., & Gillebert, C.R. (2019, June). Dynamic computation of feature-based attentional priorities: evidence from fMRI. Poster presentation at the 25th Meeting of the Organisation for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Rome, Italy.

Huygelier, H., Lanssens, A., Wagemans, J., van Ee, R., & Gillebert, C. R. (2018, August). Attentional engagement for synchronous audiovisual signals. Poster presentation at the 41st European Conference of Visual Perception (ECVP), Trieste, Italy.

Lanssens, A., Pizzamiglio, G., & Gillebert, C.R. (2017, September). The role of the intraparietal sulcus in remapping feature-based attentional priorities. Oral presentation at the 6thScientific Meeting of the Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology (FESN), Maastricht, The Netherlands.